Thursday, 19 February 2015

Swimming Smart Goals

For the last few weeks we have been do swimming in our school pool. We have be working on freestyle and backstroke. Our swimming days are Wensday Thursday and Friday. I'm good at remembering my togs every day we go swimming.

Here is my video!!!

My goal in freestyle is to look down not up so then
the water doesn't stop at my head. I will do this by wearing goggles so I can see.

My goal in backstroke is to keep my tummy and
hips up and out of the water. To get better at this I will push my tummy out of water.

My goal for swimming sports goal is to at least swim in two heats. To get better at this I will put my hand up for the events and give it my all.

Evaluation: I think I could work on not wiggle my bottom
because thats what make me go wonky.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Math Goals

Description: We have been doing some tests to find out what we need to get better at. These were knowledge tests-we need to know these things within 3 seconds.

The pink highlighter is the thing that I need to work on (this only apply's for test 2) So I need to work on division and multiplication facts. I will do this by practicing 5 to 10 minute's every day and I know I have got better because I know them in 3 seconds.

Here is the first test we did.

This is my second test which I did get over 80% on so I didn't get up to stage 6. So I'm on stage 5.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Memories From My Chidhood

5/2/15 10/2/15 11/2/15

Purpose: to share memories from my childhood

Remember when we went to MT Bruce. There so many Lizards
and colorful Birds, It was so cool.

Remember when I was at kidney every time we cooked we made
afghan biscuits. Its good I like them.

Remember when it snowed, It was great because we could
skate on the slippery deck.

The was me growing up!!!