Sunday, 27 November 2016

Te Reo

In Te Reo we have been learning about whakatauki's this term whakatauki is Ehara tauku toa, he takitahi, he toa taki tini. This means my success is not just for me it's for everyone. We have recently had a market day and this whakatauki is connected to that. We had to make a poster and add a photo about team work, here is my poster.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Athletics Reflection 2016

Yesterday we had Athletics day and here is my reflection and picture of the massy track.

    • What was the most enjoyable part of athletics for you? Why?
I most enjoyed participating in the events because I liked trying my best and enjoyed 
cheering on my friends

    • What are you really proud of? Why?
                    I was proud of our house because we came 2nd in the relay race.

    • What was the most challenging part? Why?
The most challenging part was discs because I'm not good at it 
because I didn't practice discus much.

    • Where to now? What are your goals for next time? Why do you want to focus on this?
Next time I think that I need to practice more because it will be more effective.

Monday, 14 November 2016

ET Reo

Every Monday afternoon half of poutama do ET Reo (Elly Troy Reo) with Elly and Troy. This term we have been preparing for market day and we wanted to be able to greet people and tell them about our product in Maori. We got a task to make a movie on puppet pals, imovie etc. I worked with Sophie and Bella to make a puppet pals. There are a few mistakes and next time we would do it to a higher quality, but we ran out of time. Here is our movie...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Book Buddies Term 4

This term we have carried on book buddies and my buddy is still Zara. We are reading a new book called Demon Dentist and it is by David Walliams. We have Nic as our new coach because Troy had to many people. Here is our new slide.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Prep/Market Day

This term we are having a market day. Market day is on the 11 of november. I'm in a group with Bella and Tabitha. Our product that we were selling is soap dough which is a dough that you can play with and you can take a pinch you can wash your hands with it.

Now that market day is done I am going to tell you a bit about how it went. Pretty much everybody sold out including us. We made a great profit of around $66! It was very busy and there were lots of people pre-ordering our product. All together we made $2406!!

 We have filled in a slide of our reflection. Here it is...

Statistics Survey

Last week we had a Crazy Hair Day on friday. In we have been learning about statistics and the teachers made a survey. We all got to do the survey and the survey was about what we want to see at market day. Then we had to make our own survey with a group. We had to make a graph about the info that we collected. We decided to make a pie graph. My group was Aria, Bella and Charlotte. Here I our Crazy Hair Day survey and our graph.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Persuasive Writing

In writing we have been learning how to persuade others to buy our product. We were given a small box, that we made a use for, Tabitha and we decided that it should be a teleporter, then we wrote an add in our book, next we recorded it and here it is.