Thursday, 13 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample

Description: In class we have been doing tic tac toes which is lots of activities that are to do with our reading goal (my goal is summarizing) We go to workshops and summarizing stories that we read together. The activity that I did was waste man which is a man made out of heaps of bits of waste.

Here is my story: There is a guy called Antony Gormley and he made waste man. Antony Gormley made waste man in 2006 and it took him 6 weeks to make and the day after he burnt him. Waste man is sky high and he was made out of 30 tonnes. The waste was collected by the Thanet Waste and the local people.

Big Idea: Summarizing is when you have a long story and you shorten it to the main points. From doing this task I have learnt to summarize the key points in questions.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think this is a super summary Sophie.You have the main points.Well done.
Maybe you could use some interesting language like gentleman than guy....or provide a link to a photo of Waste man-Leanne

Evaluation: I think I covered all the main points but I think I could make it a bit shorter.

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  1. Sophie remember this task was actually an opposite task as you used a summary to write a whole story. So you have done a good job adding in extra details from the summary to make it into a proper summary.
    You have a good understanding of your learning goal so continue to work on making your summaries short, succinct but including all the main points.