Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Measurement Portfolio Sample

This term in maths we are learning about measurement. Before we started the learning we got a rich task and we all did the task in an amount of time. The task was all about measurement and we had a go at the task.We hadn't had any workshops around measurement so I didn't do very well. Then we had some workshops on measurement like, area with Elly, capacity with Nic and weight with Troy. I went to two of the workshop. After that week we did the rich task again and I knew a lot more but if a went to 3 workshops I would have done even better.

Book Buddies Portfolio Sample

This term we have started I reading program called book buddies. Book buddies is when the teachers give you I buddy and you both pick I book from the selection that the teacher gave us. My buddy is Zara and we are reading a book called paper planes. Paper planes is about I boy who is in the middle of a war and he is with his best friend and his family. The teachers made a slide everyone and copied and here is Zara and I's slide.

Evaluation: I think that Zara and I have picked a great choice on what book we are reading because I really like the book and Zara is a great buddy to work with.

Feedback/Feedforward: Wow Sophie, you have come really far in your reading, you could work reading more of the book-Tabitha

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Excellence Portfolio Sample

Every Monday Poutama and Poutokomanawa have discovery time. Discovery time goes till lunch. There are lots of different activities like finger knitting, making pompoms, skipping, tents, sewing and pogo sticks etc. Last week I did skipping and then I came inside and did some finger knitting and making pompoms. We tried to make a giant pompom but it didn't work so we jus made small ones.

Evaluation: I think that I have done well in discovery time because I have been showing panekiretanga but I could work on discovery a bit more.

Sophie you have done great at showing excellence in discovery time next time I agree with you you could discover a bit more and go out of you comfort zone -Bella M