Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cautionary Tale

W.A.L.T: To entertain 

Task: We had a choice to do Do's and Don'ts or Cautionary tale. I did a Cautionary tale.

Description: I don't know why I did a Cautionary tale. We read a book called once upon slime.Thats how we got the idea.

Here is my story!!!

If you hit and kick you would want to be hit and kick again. Bob went round the school hitting and kicking everyone even the teachers. Bob was the badest boy in school and he was the as bad as a murdering killing people. 

He always wore his P.J. He is as lazy as a sloth. All the school don't like Bob. His teacher said to Bob if you hit and kick someone again your feet and hands will be stitch together. Bob kicked someone and he got them stitch together. Now Bob was the best boy in school, but his writing was really really messing because his hands were stitch up. 

Feedback: Wow what a great story. That was very entertaining and was very interesting-Bella 

Evaluation: I think I could add a few more similes.

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