Thursday, 4 September 2014

What If

 W.A.L.T: Entertain

Task: What if? you woke up and all the clocks were dead?

Description: We had to do a what if that our teacher told us to do. We got to make our own what if too.  

Here it is!!!

What if..........
you woke up and all the clocks in the world went dead.

I would go yo clock land and get back all the clocks, but it takes 10years that why know one gos there. Its I good thing that I don't have to go to school! YAY!!! I roll out of bed like a armadillo. I do like school so I'm going to get the clocks back.

Here is my what if!!!
What if all the Animals in the world would talk...

I would love it. I would be awesome because I could talk to my dog. ( Shes called Bella). I wonder what Bella would talk like. Would it be high or low? I want it to be true!!! I could talk to a elephant and a fox and lots and lots of animals. If it was true I would be as happy as a happy man. I would ask my dog do you like the food that we give you?

Evaluation: I think I could add so more similes and alliteration.

Feedback/Foward: WOW Sophie I like how you added lots of detail like when you said "I roll out of bed like a armadillo" because it adds lots of detail. I think you could add a bit more detail on your own one though. -Zara

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