Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Description: My goal for reading is comprehension and in comprehension we have been working on visualising the text and making text to text,text to world and text to self connections.If you were doing a text to text connection you would get a sentence from the book you are reading and connect it to some text you have read that is nearly the same from a different book.A text to world connection is almost the same but you are connecting text you have read to something happening somewhere in the world right now.Text to self is as well almost the same you read some text and you connect it to something you have done before or something you have seen someone else do.

Success criteria and evaluation:
Text to self:I think that I am good at text to self because to do text to self you really need to read through it and really understand what you are reading.

Test to world :I think that I am okay at that but I could get better by always thinking about it when I am reading a story or book.

Text to text:same as text to self I think that I really need to know what I read with every book I read so I think I am good at that.

Re-read:if I don't under stand what I read I don't just move on i stay on it to re read so I think that I am good at that.

Cause and effect:I think making predictions can really help me with this one and thinking.

Comparisons and contrast:thinking of other words that would fit into that sentence.

Here is the one tic tac toe I chose to do for this post.I shows how to make connections and what a connection. 

Feedback/Feedforward: Wow I think you did really good job but I think you could improve on adding a bit more detail but other wise its really good-Bella M

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  1. Sophie - I love the way that you have reflected against each success criteria. It really helps me to understand what you have mastered in reading and how I can support you further. I noticed that you have also added some ways you can understand new vocabulary too - rereading, cause & effect and comparisons & contrast. You are thinking widely as you read! Wonderful!