Monday, 23 May 2016

Fractions Maths Portfolio Sample

This term in maths we have been learning about fractions. I have been learning about improper fractions, proper fractions, mixed fractions and how to convert improper fractions into mixed fractions. We got given a rich task to....  

 Here is my working out. 

I first got all the amounts I needed, then I saw that 2/4 was the same as half of 300 and half of 300 is 150 and half of 150 is 75. Then I did 5 divided 300 and that was 60 and so 1/5 of 300 is 60 and 1/4 of 300 is 75. Then I did 10 divided by 300 and that was 30. Then I doubled 30 because there were 2/10 and that was 60.

Evaluation: I think that I did a good job but next time I good explain a bit more and when I got stuck I keep on going.

Feedback/Feedforward: Great job sophie I think you did great but next time you could show your working a bit more so that if I wanted to work it out i could come here to get help-Bella M

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  1. You have completed this task with excellence Sophie - well done! I love reading your descriptions, they are so well thought out and easy to follow. You're amazing Sophie - keep up the brilliant learning!