Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Reading Sample Mnemonic

WALT: Rote Learning

Today we had to make a Mnemonic. Mnemonic are when you have a word and let's say the word small/ Sophie made a little lie.

Here is my Mnemonic!!!

Purpose: We are doing a Mnemonic because we are trying to spell our spelling words in a strategy. (it's really fun)

Process: We first learnt what a Mnemonic was, then we put our spelling word's in our book, then we made the mnemonic and then I put it in to publish state. Then we put them on our blog.

Learning: I learnt how spell word in a really really fun way.

Evaluation: I think I could work on making the words stand-out. But I like my pictures.

Feedback: Wow Sophie the pictures really make it more exciting and make the reader want to read more.Your mnemonic is really awesome but you need to make the words stand out because at the moment the pictures are brighter and bigger.

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