Monday, 9 June 2014

Newton Cradle

WALT: Inform 

Description: We had to write about what a Newton's Cradle is. (its really fun to write about a Newton's Cradle)  

Here is my Writing!!!

How dose a Newton’s Cradle work? 

A Newton’s Cradle work’s like this there are 5 ball’s 
and they hanging from some sting. So you drop the 
first ball that you picked up.

The energy go’s through the ball and the next ball and
the next ball until it hit’s the end ball. While they are
going back and forward it is making a clicking noise.

When you pick the firstball up it is called potential energy.
When you have drop it is called kinetic energy. 

Here are to diagram’s!!!

Evaluation: I think I did a really good job but a think I could work on adding more detail.

Feedback: I think you're writing was good. I think you could of  improved more detail.-Zara 

More Feedback: I think you done a great job saying why it moves and how it moves and what makes it move. - Inara


  1. Wow Sophie you really described what a Newtons Cradle is and how the energy in it works and how it travels through each ball until the last.

    If I had to score your post out of 10 I would give it a ................ 10!!!!!!! Because I think your post and writing about the Newtons Cradle are above high quality.

    Great Work Sophie!!! :D

    By Grace C :D :)

  2. Sophie, this was a good start but you haven't explained the science behind kinetic and potential energy. A newtons cradle was made to show the connection between these two types of energy.