Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Douglas Park Sample

Last week a school from Masterson came to our school to have a sports exchange. Last year we went on a bus to Masterson but this year they came to us. In the sports exchange there are 5 different sports Rugby, Hockey, Basket Ball, Soccer and Netball. I played Netball and the score was 7 all. When they arrived on the bus the school ambassadors welcomed the and bought them into the hall. Then we had a powiat and we had some morning tea. Then all the Hockey players went on a bus to QEC to play there games because we don't have a Hockey turf. After all of the games we had a mini prizing giving. We had little MVP trophies, that one person from each team got. We have a big flag that one school will win and we have trophies that are in the shapes of each sport ball. Last year we won the flag and the Rugby trophy, Basket Ball trophy and the Soccer trophy. This year we lost the flag and we won the Basket Ball trophy and the Soccer trophy. The whole day was really fun and here are some pictures of the day.

We got given a task to make a small video about douglas park and our challenges and highlights so here is mine.

Feedback/Feedforward: Nice job Sophie next time you could have more depth in your answers so we know why but I think you have done a really nice job.

Evaluation:I think that I did a good job but next time I could be more detailed in my answers so others know why.

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