Monday, 27 June 2016

Sea Turtles Writing

This term our writing has been around Sea Turtles, First we watch a video so we could learn about them. Then we took notes about the video and then we made a plan so we knew what we were going to write about. Then we did our first draft and then we conference with a teacher. Then we did our second draft.

Here is the video we watched.

Here is my writing.

Sea Turtles

The Sea Turtle is a threatened species that has been on earth over 150 million years. It takes approximately 20 years for the Sea turtles to grow into the adults.


When the eggs are lay approximately 1000 are laid.When the eggs are laid they are the size of a ping pong ball. Their Mum will dig a hole and lay the eggs in there. Only 800 will hatch.


When the eggs hatch they are the size of the palm of your hand. Getting to the water is hard for the little turtles because there are many obstacles like crabs, birds and rubbish that can kill the turtles because they can’t defend themselves. Only 400 make it to the water.

Growing Up

Growing up is still hard for the sea turtles because there are Sharks, big Fish and Birds that will eat the turtles. So only 200 tune into adults.


When they grow into adults they are the size of a table. When the Mums grow fully into adults they go up to the beach. Then dig a hole and lay their eggs, but only 2 survive to breeding age.

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