Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sport Start Sample

In Poutama every Wednesday and Thursday we go out for sport start. We have been learning a few different games and we have recorded 2 videos. One video is about a game called gate ways and there are a lot of different cones set up with ether a small ball, a mini bean bag and a ring. First we get a buddy and go to a gate way then we throw the piece of equipment to each other 5 times. Then we move to another gate way and do that 3 times.

Here is us playing gate ways.
Coming soon.

The second game is called rainbow strike and there are two teams, one team are fielders and the other team are the batters. Someone from the fielders team bowls and small ball and if the batter hits the ball into the first square they get 1 point, second square 2 points and the third square 3 points. They can get bonus points by running to the top corner of the court and you can run there and back as many times as you want before the ball gets back to the bowler.

Here is a video of us playing rainbow strike.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like the way you were your balls of your feet ready to go to the next gateway. Next time you could hit the ball more fiercely to help get a bigger score. Emily

Evaluation: I think that I'm quit good at gate ways but I still need to work on rainbow strike and hitting the ball harder.

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