Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E Te Reo

Every Monday afternoon Poutama splits into two different groups. One group goes to kapa haka and the other group goes to E Te Reo. I go to E Te Reo with Troy and Elly. This term we had a task to create something about helping others to learn how to say to food in maori. We got into a group of 4 or 5 people and my group has Tabitha, Bella, Charlotte, Rebekah & Myself, Sophie. We made flash cards and on one side the food was in  English and the other side was maori. We also have been learning a new song called Aotearoa by Stan Walker. Here is the song and photos of our flash cards.

Good job Sophie, you are doing really well, you could work on being more fluent and
confident-Tabitha C

Evaluation: Thanks Tabitha for the feedback and will work on that next time.

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  1. Holy Guacamole Sophie - your flash cards look amazing! What great detail you have included on them. Great job. Maybe we can use them to teach our buddies some Te Reo MÃ¥ori? I look forward to hearing this song also!